Challenges of the Vlogger

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Challenges of the Vlogger

As some of you readers know, I’m also hosting a vlog to complete this blog. Or more like, I have this blog to give a deeper experience to my vlog (video blog) on Youtube. Posting on Youtube from China is one of the biggest challenges here because of the Great Firewall of China. (See what I did there (>.<)…). The main platform I want to work on is Youtube. So if you have any comments on the videos or even on this blog, let me know through the channel and comment section on Youtube. Same goes for suggestions of things you would like me to try or if you have any questions about the project or my life as an expat/traveler.

Now let’s talk about the vlogging. It’s all pretty new to me and I’m facing a couple of challenges. IMG_1774The first one is the staring of people on the street. I’m not sure if it’s related to culture or if it’s normal. But mainly, people stop, stare and even turn around to watch me pass by. (I saw you!!! We all see you through the camera!). So I’m working really hard on the art to not give a f*ck about the surrounding and concentrate on the video.

Second challenge is based on the fact that I like walking around while talking and shooting my videos. Now here’s the thing. Normally, it’s not a problem. But in China, walking around is an art that requires attention, concentration and even some “spider sense”. Why? Well, traffic is insane. In the sense that the lights are suggestive and the sidewalks are like the road, they belong to all, including motorcycle and scooters. And basically, everyone tries to get in front of the other. They all go slowly enough to avoid dying in an accident. But seriously, going out for a walk is like playing the indie game “frog” where you try to cross the road without getting squished. Only you’re not crossing. You are just walking on the sidewalk. And when you get to a crossroad. Well my friend, it’s every man, woman and child for himself! So that ups my challenge when shooting videos outside.

IMG_1777Final challenge is basically the topics or subjects. Whenever I start shooting, I don’t have a precise topic. It’s a “daily vlog” (more or less daily). Therefore, I don’t know if people seeing it are like “yeah! This is awesome!” or more like “The f*ck did I just watch?”. I just head out into the world and see what comes at me while I explore. I’m still shy when people start to talk to me when I film so I immediately stop the camera. But I will try to stop myself from doing that. The interesting part, I believe, is the interactions with people that I have. We’ll see how it goes.

I’m also learning to edit, add music and put everything together as I go, I do hope some people enjoy it. I know it’s still clunky and it needs a lot more expertise added to it. It will get there with practice and your suggestions. Heck, I only have 8 subscribers at the moment. But I’ll give it my all for them anyway. I really enjoy doing this a lot. Always wanted to try it, but I had so many excuses not to before. I never considered myself as someone interesting. But if 8 people are willing to see my videos, I’m already amazed and thankful! So thanks to those people!

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