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Simply put, a roamographer is an expat or a long time traveler that likes taking pictures and videos while roaming through life, wherever it brings him. It’s the digital nomad lifestyle that so many dream of, with it’s share of real challenges too. It’s not always laughs and giggles living away from home.

TheRoamographer is but a digital nomad lifestyle magazine made for sharing the stories of such people. We invite everyone to share their stories with us so we can share them with the world. The dream is simple, make it a big “National Geographic” feel magazine that gives an accurate account of the world seen through everyone’s eyes.

If you do decide to do a google search for “Roamographer”, you will find out that it’s a HoldFast Gear Leather Camera Bag. Looks good too, but this blog has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with it. But they do give a nice little definition that makes sense with what we do here. 

roam·og·ra·pher [rohm-og-ruh-fer]*

Noun: one  who  roams  with  the  intent  of  capturing  life’s  great  moment.

Holdfast Gear Definition

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