How to Deal With Mistakes

First of all, Happy New Year to all!

I wish every single one of you and your friends, family and pets to have a wonderful 2018 filled with adventures, laughter and good food in great company. I once again took some time before writing again because sometimes, reflection requires time. Yeah, I know, I do spend some time thinking every now and then. What have I been thinking about? Well, as you know, when the end of the year comes, we tend to start to look back at everything that happened in the last year. Most of us… Some don’t need that and it’s fine too.

Before I delve into the profound reflection of my 2017 year, here’s a little story that triggered my reflection. I have a necklace, I gift I got from someone very precious to me. That necklace is still very precious to me. In 2016, that necklace broke and my lazy sorry ass of a person took forever to repair. Given how precious this was to me, you would wonder why it took me forever. I did too until I understood that my lack of motivation of taking care of what’s important to me was already a big problem.

So I got it fixed back in 2017. Unfortunately, too little to late. But still, that necklace became to me a reminder of the good times and also not to screw up anymore. Or at least, try not too. Dude… where are you going with this necklace story?! I know, wait for it. End of 2017, it brakes again. Same link that broke last time. Turns out it wasn’t well repaired and I was like “God damn… this necklace keeps braking…why?” What would you do in this situation if you were me? Would you throw it away? Would you repair it again?

Turns out I’m a stubborn man and I went ahead and repaired it again, but the job is better done. Which is what triggered the reflection and connects with the title of this article. Why do things have to be definitive in life? Nothing is really immutable except ONE thing. When you are dead. Crazy right? So I will keep repairing this necklace if it brakes, the same way that nothing stops me nor should stop anyone from trying their best to make things better even when it feels like it cannot be. It all depends on the people.

We can always make amends, we can always try to repair things. The hardest thing really is the “trying” part. It means taking on a huge humility lesson when you screw up and it means accepting the storm that comes with it. But truly, if you are honest and do it from the heart, nothing is immutable. It’s with this state of mind that I’m starting 2018. I will keep working hard, keep repairing that necklace if it breaks.

This lesson applies to another aspect of my life, which is the professional side. I had some hiccups along my professional career. Some…? Ok, maybe more then some. But it all comes down the same thing. When you fail, you get up and try again, but better. And again. You have such a higher chance of succeeding then not trying at all. In that aspect, I’m tackling once again the start up world and the world of small people with big dreams. I’m tackling it as a Marketing Strategy Consultant, using both my experience and continuous learning because marketing is not set it stone either. It evolves and changes constantly.

I hope you all keep dreaming and remember that nothing stops you from trying again when you fail.

Happy New Year all!

Dragos out!

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